As a PR practitioner, it is inevitable that you will be using social media as a source of strategic communication to relay information to the public on behalf of the client. Thanks to evaluative resources such as Facebook and twitter analytics, media personnel can determine effective outreach strategies and target audiences to expand the clients campaign.

However, it is acceptable to be on your personal social media account in the workplace?

According to some companies, it is okay- but with moderation.

Since the rise of social media, many companies have adopted ethical codes regarding social media in order to maintain a level of integrity.  Companies such as Adidas have guidelines that convey that employees have the freedom to express themselves, but must not share company information or dishonorable content.

Checking Facebook or other personal accounts as short breaks should be perfectly acceptable. The problem is when the social media is paid more attention to than the actual work. Click here to see how using social media can get you fired.

In the case of Communications Departments, it is hard to differentiate when practitioners are on social media for their benefit or for the clients. Employers need to provide media personnel with a code of ethics laying out what is considered excessive in their company.



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