As a Junior in college, I still find myself having to explain and define my major to my friends. The title of a “public relations practitioner” is almost unheard of in STEM courses and nowadays any reference to media-related jobs are deemed biased and untrustworthy.

I study Public Relations because I  want to change that mindset. PR practitioners are responsible for the mutually beneficial relationship that strategically links their professionally managed client to the public. When companies undergo a crisis situation, they typically rely on their Communications department or hire a PR firm to formerly address the problem and save the company from scrutiny.

My dream job within PR is to be the Director of Communications for a PR firm specializing in crisis communication and reputation management consulting, Edelman or Sitrick And Company for example. I think that a background in PR will prove to be most effective when designing campaign plans for future clients as well as drafting written media releases to members of the press. Advanced writing and speaking skills will hopefully make me a strong contender compared to other colleagues seeking my career path.


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